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Privacy Policy

Ultimate Leather ensures the best quality product, and apart from this main object, we offer the maximum protection too when it comes to protecting client’s private data. 

The information that we need to proceed with the delivery of the product is the customer’s name, address, active mobile number, and credit card details. Suppose the third party is involved in placing the order that we also ask for the relevant information of that individual. We sometimes ask for additional information to follow the visits of that specific person, and it is an exercise of our customer dealing department providing extra mileage to the customer.

The collection of additional information is necessary to improve the services and get a satisfactory level.

The info is essential when,

Need to respond quickly at the time of the queries.  

Make the customer aware of the new arrivals and latest additions in the collection. 

Invite to give feedback and participate in the surveys, which is eventually helping to improve the experience of shopping at Ultimate Leather.

Keep you updated regarding the status of the delivery.  

The data gathered from the customer is consistently in the most secure hands. Just the affiliated organizations with Ultimate Leather have distributed a particular measure of data whenever required, which is utilized to expand the customer’s experience for the next visit to the online store. 

Be confident that the security measurements at Ultimate Leather are phenomenal, as our quality products. Every single piece of information the customer provides while placing an online order is in safe hands. Our third-party affiliated organizations are responsible for protecting all-shared information. Therefore, their access to customer data is limited.

We use cookies to gather data about customer access to our website. It is an ideal approach to reading the mind of the concern persons, what they are looking for, and need to know their latest fashion requirements.

Ultimate Leather reserves the right to change or modify the privacy policy at any time without any prior notice. Keep updated with the changes that occur in the guidelines. Or visit this section every time before placing the order for the new design.

Make hassle-free shopping at Ultimate Leather, and contact us anytime with the queries and suggestions.