Cow Leather vs. Sheep Leather If you are looking for a new leather jacket, you should know about the materials you will pick. And finding the best option, you should have some knowledge of Cow leather Vs. Sheep leather and the difference between both kinds of stuffs. Although all the leather jackets are made with animal skin, there is a difference between them, few are genuine, and few are mix with some chemicals and polyester. Each of them has characteristics that create different faces among them. The two well-known and standard types are Cowhide leather and Sheepskin leather.

Both the materials are suitable in all ways, suit people, and create the looks that compete for the modern era. Giving you a clear difference between these two types of leathers. We published this article for your ease while selecting the texture, the all information is very handy for all of you. Let’s begin.

More About Cow Leather vs. Sheep Leather

Difference Between Cow Leather and the Sheep Leather

Cow leather is the most widely used material, which is challenging in appearance and wear. Its lack of suppleness makes it ideal for jackets, and as primarily people love to look straight when wearing the jackets. On the other hand, sheep leather is the most supple and soft material, used mainly in creative costume designing, easy to provide the best shaping, and used mainly in women's fashion pieces.

The Texture

The cowhide leather is challenging because of its coarser grain. Alternatively, sheepskin leather is soft because it is made with a finer grain. Comparatively, sheepskin is more ideal than cowhide. If you have both the materials in front of you, you can touch them and feel the difference. All the designs that require a silky and soft touch made with sheepskin and all the stiff looks, especially for men, are made with cowhide leather. Therefore, both have essentials and well-prepared outfits for achieving an outstanding style.

Heaviness and Lightness

Cowhide leather is significantly heavy as compared to sheepskin; this is because naturally, cowhide is a thick material, and sheepskin is the thin stuff; there is a difference in the making as the property of the grains are very different. If you need the leather jacket for summer and spring style, sheepskin is the best option indeed. It makes you feel lighter and gives you a fantastic long day. Cowhide leather is heavy and hard, do not give a soft wearing in the hot days. But properties make it suitable to go for winter.


Cowhide and the sheepskin have attractive appearances, and the man who does not know about the difference can pick any one of them. Both the jackets successfully provide the charm, give a dominant look and keep safe accordingly. But due to the color and flexibilities making, men and women both prefer sheepskin over the cowhide. It is always good to provide a smooth and cleaner look to the personality. It naturally enhances the personality that impress people and they have their second eye at you.


Durability is one of the essential features that is a concern of every wearer. So here we will firmly say that both materials are durable, regardless of weather, what you select for your future look. So, you will indeed have the most durable staple that will give you memorable wearing with comfort.


Cowhide and sheepskin both ask for maintenance timely; you should follow the guidelines that are mentioned on the tag. Use proper cleaning solution, hang them properly and keep them safe in the proper hanging bags, these all things ensure an excellent long-term wearing, give you the same new look after every wearing.


People prefer sheepskin as compared to cowhide because of its lightweight. But both the materials are super comfy and make you relaxed for a long time, even for the whole day. Their superior level of comfort is related to the sheepskin, just because of its softness. So, for the highest level of soft wearing, most people go for the sheepskin.


You always pay more for the sheepskin than the cowhide leather, and relatively, cowhide leather is more common than sheepskin because of its lower cost. And we can say that the high price of the sheepskin makes people reluctant to purchase it. But now we are looking high demands of the sheepskin as people are giving priority to comfort over their pockets.


In terms of colors, both the leathers of sheepskin and cow are available in various shades. In the past, only black and brown colors are most common, but we see almost all hues that go perfect for many occasions in modern fashion. The most common colors are black, brown, blue, red, and green.   

Which One is Better, The Cowhide Leather and The Sheepskin

After looking at all the differences, the sheepskin leather is more appropriate as it provides long duration wearing with lightweight and the quality of the product. But it does not mean that the cow leather does not have good quality; it is also an appropriate option for the winter because of its stiffness and rugged look. Most men prefer to wear it. Sheepskin is good to go for spring and summer; women are most keen to wear it because of its lightweight and color variations.

Bottom Line

People use leather since ages; cowhide and sheepskin are two of the most utilized materials in leather jackets. While selecting the best outfit for your use, keep in mind all the differences and be relevant to the occasion you want to wear them.

Here at Ultimate Leather, we offer a wide range of jackets for men and women, some are good for the summer, and some provide the best coverage in the winter. We recreate your signature style and bring new designs most of the time. You can easily match them with your clothes and accessories. Cowhide is more appropriate for receiving dirt and moisture. So be comfortable discussing with us your concerns about product.