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Captain America (Chris Evans) Leather Jacket

Captain America (Chris Evans) Leather Jacket
Captain America (Chris Evans) Leather Jacket
Captain America (Chris Evans) Leather Jacket
Captain America (Chris Evans) Leather Jacket
Captain America (Chris Evans) Leather Jacket

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Captain America Leather Jacket

During World War II, frail Steve Rogers transforms into the super-soldier Captain America to battle the Nazi organization Hydra led by the villainous Red Skull. Despite facing prejudice and personal loss, Captain America fights for freedom and embodies the ideals of courage, justice, and doing the right thing. The film explores themes of patriotism, selflessness, and the fight against evil, set within the exciting backdrop of World War II.

Product Specification:

The "Leather Jacket" embodies superhero chic with its genuine leather construction and soft satin lining, providing both durability and comfort. Its front features a branded zipper closure for a sleek and secure fit, while full-length sleeves with snap tab zipper cuffs offer versatility and style. The round neck snap tab collar adds a classic touch, complemented by two inner pockets for practicality. Designed with padding and belted detailing on the shoulders and front, this jacket boasts a dynamic combination of blue, grey, orange, and red, capturing the iconic essence of Captain America's Jacket in a contemporary fashion statement.

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  • Material: Genuine Leather
  • Internal Material: Soft Satin Lining
  • Front: Branded Zipper Closure
  • Sleeves: Full-Length Sleeveswith Snap Tab Zipper Cuffs
  • Collar: Round Neck Snap Tab Collar
  • Pockets:  Two Inner Pockets
  • Styling: Padding and Belted Designing On Shoulders and Front
  • Color: Combination Of Blue, Grey, Orange, and Red

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