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Finn Balor Wrestler Black Leather Jacket

Finn Balor Wrestler Black Leather Jacket
Finn Balor Wrestler Black Leather Jacket
Finn Balor Wrestler Black Leather Jacket
Finn Balor Wrestler Black Leather Jacket
Finn Balor Wrestler Black Leather Jacket

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Finn Balor Wrestler Leather Jacket

Finn Bálor, real name Fergal Devitt, is an Irish professional wrestler currently signed to WWE's Raw brand. He's known for his athleticism, charisma, and two distinct personas: the colorful "Prince" Devitt and the demonic "Demon" Bálor. He's achieved significant success, becoming the first-ever WWE Universal Champion, a two-time Intercontinental Champion, a United States Champion, and a four-time Tag Team Champion (twice each with the Raw and SmackDown titles). He's also known for his work in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he held multiple championships.
Product Specification:
The "Black Leather Jacket" is a sleek and stylish garment crafted from high-quality real leather, exuding sophistication and durability. Its classic black hue lends a timeless appeal, complemented by a shirt-style collar design that adds a touch of refinement. Featuring a YKK-branded zipper closure at the front, this jacket ensures secure fastening and effortless wear. Multiple classy pockets adorn the exterior, offering both functionality and elegance. With full-length sleeves providing ample coverage, this jacket boasts a striking logo prominently displayed on the back, adding a distinctive flair inspired by the renowned wrestler Finn Balor.
Why Choose Us?
You should consider us for the "Jacket" because we prioritize quality craftsmanship and attention to detail in our products. Our commitment to using real leather ensures durability and a luxurious feel, while the inclusion of a YKK-branded zipper closure guarantees reliability and ease of use. The shirt-style collar design adds a sophisticated touch, and the multiple classy pockets offer both practicality and style. Additionally, our dedication to accurately representing Finn Balor's branding with a prominent logo on the back ensures authenticity and homage to the renowned wrestler. Choose us for a premium jacket that combines style, functionality, and tribute to a beloved wrestling icon.
Caring Tips:
To maintain the pristine condition of your "Jacket," it's essential to follow proper care instructions. Firstly, avoid exposing the jacket to direct sunlight or heat sources to prevent potential leather damage. Regularly wipe down the surface with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust buildup, and use a specialized leather conditioner to keep the material supple and hydrated. Store the jacket in a cool, dry place when not in use, preferably on a padded hanger to preserve its shape. Lastly, if the jacket gets wet, allow it to air dry naturally away from heat sources and refrain from using a hairdryer or placing it in direct sunlight. With these simple yet crucial care tips, your jacket will maintain its impeccable appearance and quality for years to come.
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Real Leather
  • Collar: Shirt Style Design
  • Front: YKK Branded Zipper Closure
  • Pockets: Multiple Classy Pockets
  • Sleeves: Full Length
  • Logo: On The Back Side

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