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Ted Lasso Brendan Hunt (Coach Beard) Brown Cotton Blazer

Ted Lasso Brendan Hunt (Coach Beard) Brown Cotton Blazer
Ted Lasso Brendan Hunt (Coach Beard) Brown Cotton Blazer
Ted Lasso Brendan Hunt (Coach Beard) Brown Cotton Blazer
Ted Lasso Brendan Hunt (Coach Beard) Brown Cotton Blazer
Ted Lasso Brendan Hunt (Coach Beard) Brown Cotton Blazer

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Ted Lasso Coach Beard Brown Blazer

Introducing the Ted Lasso Brendan Hunt Blazer, a tribute to the iconic style of the beloved character from the hit TV series, Ted Lasso. Elevate your wardrobe with this meticulously crafted blazer, designed to reflect the charm and sophistication of Coach Beard himself.


Color: Brown Elegance
Immerse yourself in the warm and timeless brown hue that exudes sophistication and versatility. This blazer effortlessly transitions from casual to formal, making it a wardrobe essential.

Material: Premium Cotton Fabric
Experience the luxurious comfort of high-quality cotton fabric, ensuring both breathability and durability. This blazer is a perfect companion for various occasions, providing style without compromising on comfort.

Sizes: Tailored for Everyone
Enjoy a perfect fit with our range of available sizes. From small to extra-large, we cater to all body types, ensuring everyone can embrace the Ted Lasso-inspired style.

Inner: Silky Viscose Lining
The blazer features a silky viscose lining that not only enhances comfort but also adds a touch of luxury. Move with ease and confidence, knowing that every detail has been carefully considered.

Collar: Lapel Style Sophistication
Elevate your fashion game with the classic lapel style collar. It's a timeless design element that adds a dash of sophistication to your overall look, making you stand out in any crowd.

Closure: Buttoned Elegance
Embrace a refined look with the buttoned closure, offering a seamless and polished appearance. The attention to detail in the closure ensures a snug fit while maintaining the blazer's overall aesthetic.

Inspiration: Channel Your Inner Coach Beard
Be inspired by Coach Beard's distinctive style, known for its blend of casual charm and refined elegance. This blazer captures the essence of his character, allowing you to express your fandom in a fashionable way.

Sleeves: Full-Length Sleeves for Versatility
With full-length sleeves, this blazer offers versatility in styling. Whether rolled up for a casual look or worn down for a formal occasion, you have the flexibility to adapt to various fashion statements.

Worldwide Free Shipping
Enjoy the convenience of worldwide free shipping, ensuring that the Coach Beard Blazer reaches your doorstep, no matter where you are.

Return Policy: 25 Days Satisfaction Guarantee
We stand behind the quality of our product. If you're not completely satisfied, take advantage of our 25-day return policy, ensuring your peace of mind with every purchase.
Upgrade your wardrobe, embrace the Coach Beard vibe, and make a statement with the Brown Cotton Blazer – a perfect blend of style, comfort, and fandom.

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