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Women's Cosplay Jackets

The women costumes for the Cosplay have significant features that represent the theme of the evening. There are lots of ways to select the best outfit to look seductive and appealing. We usually inspire movies, television series, or video games; however, more platforms are present with attractive uppers and costumes according to the event.

Find the most extensive collection of Women Cosplay Jackets at Ultimate Leather, from a scary look to the sexiest personality; everything is available on the most affordable budget.  You could be the best dressed-up personality at your next Cosplay gathering with any of these women's styles.  And if you are not sure how to choose the right piece, make sure to check our guidelines that lay out all the best costumes for women! Don't forget to grab the appropriate look for this season!

Here are many designs that can fulfill your requirements; we discuss a few of them to have an idea of how to look stylish and attractive with some of the most favorite top layers. 


Getting An animated look is always a brilliant idea to represent yourself. Take inspirations from science fiction shows, like The Flash Gypsy Leather jacket; it is a fictional character, a superwoman of the comic books. The role has been played by the American actress Jessica Camacho, and she has opened the new doors of fashion and styling. The design is our specialty, and we replicate it in real leather and guarantee the best material in the world.


Bombshell is a great movie of 2019; it is the story of a bold lady who takes action against his boss for sexual harassment. Kayla Pospisil is the lead character, and Margot Robbie, an Australian actress, has played this role. Her jacket design follows the bomber category, but its backside pattern of Jokers Wild is the uniqueness and the creativity of this upper. We are providing the outfit in real leather, and it is an ideal approach for a casual and classy look.


 Guardians Of The Galaxy is a big name in science fiction movies. However, we are presenting the all-famous costumes from this series, but Peter Quill's leather jacket is more than your expectations. It is a beautiful red shade which is made in real leather. The features are very scientific and make it a must-have piece for the ladies. It is the design that women can adopt for Cosplay gatherings. Looking stylish but relaxed is the best part of this outerwear. 


We introduce new designs every day, the best way to keep yourself updated is our newsletter. The section has full of exciting costumes that are specially made for Cosplay parties. So, now, there are many things in your hands; choose the size that suits you or contact us via different communication platforms. Then, we will give you a new look at this Cosplay.  So, be ready to impress others who think you do not have a good fashion sense.

RESIDENT EVIL THE FINAL CHAPTER CLAIRE REDFIELD LEATHER JACKETIf you are looking for the best casual feminine look, we can suggest this Resident Evil the Final Chapter Claire Leather Jacket. It is a sophisticated style for women and very perfect for relaxed day moods. There are many ways to carr..
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THE ORVILLE DR. CLAIRE FINN COSPLAYHere is an excellent treat for the ladies who want to look superb on this Cosplay; it is The Orville Dr. Claire Finn Cosplay Costume. The best part of this outfit is that it is available in two styles: the jacket and the coat. Its color combination is outstandi..
Ex Tax:£85.00
LOST IN SPACE ROBINSONS COSPLAY JACKETThe leather jackets are the main staple of a wardrobe, mainly when we discuss the winter season. Many events and celebrations come in these cold months, so shopping is big spending for everyone. Our vast collection of uppers and costumes is waiting for you. ..
Ex Tax:£95.00
CAPTAIN MARVEL BRIE LARSON COSPLAY JACKETThe leather costumes have remained the first choice of ladies. They pick the designs from the world-famous and most muscular women and the characters; this all is done to get maximum attention in the gathering for your Cosplay events. So, it is Captain Ma..
£100.00 £155.00
Ex Tax:£100.00
DEADPOOL 2 NEGASONIC TEENAGE WARHEAD JACKETBrianna Hildebrand is an energetic and talented actress; she belongs to America, and her work in the Dead Pool both films were splendid. The jacket we are going to introduce is her inspiration, and it is ideal for Cosplay gatherings. It is an ageless out..
£95.00 £175.00
Ex Tax:£95.00
THE FLASH GYPSY LEATHER JACKETThe Gipsy, a popular character of The Flash series, has become a great inspiration for the bold ladies. Jessica Camacho is an American television actress who played this role, and she looked unique and cute. The Gipsy leather jacket is making-of real and artificial l..
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BOMBSHELL MARGOT ROBBIE LEATHER JACKETBuying a leather jacket is not an easy decision, it is somehow a tough thing that every man faces while doing shopping. It is a pretty expensive thing but we try to make things easier for you, get this Bombshell Margot Robbie Jacket, it is the manufacturing o..
£90.00 £190.00
Ex Tax:£90.00
BATMAN V SUPERMAN GAL GADOT JACKETWatching Wonder Woman's character is a true inspiration for strong ladies. The personality has been a popular role for several years and portrayed in many films. The costume design is always very appreciable when we compare the role and the outfits. Providing yo..
£95.00 £175.00
Ex Tax:£95.00
Suicide Squad Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) Satin Jacket Suicide Squad Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) Satin Jacket
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SUICIDE SQUAD HARLEY QUINN SATIN JACKETThe introduction of Margot Robbie Jacket and her beautiful face and acting skills, she worked in many famous movies, but as Harley Quinn, she loves most by her admirers. From her same character, we bring this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket which ..
£70.00 £155.00
Ex Tax:£70.00
Guardians of the Galaxy Peter Quill Jacket For WomenChriss Pratt is a handsome and elegant man of the media industry; his work in Guardians Of The Galaxy is exceptional, his costumes come on the top-rated fashion trends. Star Lord Jacket is coming to set the style for the ladies; yes, it is t..
Ex Tax:£95.00
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 GAMORA TRENCH COATFinding the best Cosplay costume is not a big deal; our new arrivals are full of energetic and unique clothes that can give you an outstanding style. The Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Gamora Coat is available in real and artificial leather and smooth inner ..
£100.00 £180.00
Ex Tax:£100.00
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